Download MTK Droid Tool v.2.5.3

MTK Droid Tool v.2.5.3

MTK Droid Tool a best tool for MT6592, MT6582, MT6589T, MT6589T, MT6577, MT6575, MT6572. Here on this you can download MTK Droid Tool using direct download link.  You can do  lots of thing with this new version of MTK Droid Tool. like if you have china phone and with default Chinese apps, then you can delete all default apps from phone  which you can don't like more.  This tool also assist you to create scatter file for you phone. moreover  through MTK Droid Tool you can see your phone hardware specifications. If you want flash ROM with SP flash tool to your mobile then MTK Droid Tool will help you to process your backup and prepare it form Smartphone Flash Tool.

More things you can do with MTK Droid Tool

-Create CWM custom recovery for your MTK phone
-Write your IMEI.
-Build a scatter
-Delete the Chinese apps
-Process your backup for SP Flash Tools
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To download MTK Droid Tool latest version please follow the link posted at the end of this post. MTK Droid Tool absolutely free to download and easy to use. Download here

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